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Interactive Installations

Exeter Underground Passages Visitors’ Centre    

Talking Media are proud to be involved in the re-development of Princesshay with the creation of interactive installations for the recently opened Exeter Underground Passages Visitors’ Centre.

Through the use of theatrical techniques, video, interactive media, water features, exhibits and displays, the Exhibition explains the story of the Underground Passages (built in medieval times to carry fresh water to the city), the history of water in Exeter, medieval life in the city and the archaeology of the Princesshay development (including finds from the recent excavations). And of course there’s the opportunity to take a tour of the Underground Passages.

The brief from Richard Fowler Associates, the designers of the exhibition, was to produce four multi-media exhibits:

  The Underground Passages of Exeter

A “teaser” video for the plasma display in the foyer gives an exciting glimpse of what’s in store for visitors to the Exhibition;

A dramatic “Talking Head” installation (a first for Exeter) gives Luke, a stonemason from 1347 the ability to surprise visitors by welcoming them to medieval Exeter, explaining the part he has played in building the Underground Passages.  We produced this effect by back-projecting the image of Luke’s face onto a frosted mask which was cast from the actor’s face.  The full-sized figure of Luke is dressed in authentic medieval costume, also supplied by Talking Media.


The “Water Corridor”
uses theatrical lighting effects to create the feeling of flowing along a stream as you walk into the exhibition space.

The Fly-Through Experience gives everyone the opportunity to experience a  magical virtual ride through the Underground Passages, up through the new Princesshay and back down into the Passages again.   For this technique we use the cutting edge technology of a beaded glass screen in place of the usual blue or green chromokey screen.

Before Visitors don their hard hats and begin their descent into the Underground Passages for their guided tour, they will be able to take their seats in the theatre and watch “Going Underground” a Video, made by Talking Media, about Medieval Exeter and the history of its water supply.



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